Our Story

As a Race Director frustrated by existing online registration platforms, RunSignup founder Bob Bickel set out to build a better one in 2009. RunSignup gained wings in 2010, and has grown and evolved, continuing to find solutions to the problems created by traditional registration platforms.

We are a company built around tech professionals, and we seek to use advanced technology to make races simple. We’re focused on easy, accessible technology for the endurance industry, tying together participants, race directors, timers, running stores and clubs all at low cost, and with no advertising or spam.

Our business model is also pretty simple. Build a team with a few really smart developers, a few people who love helping customers that LOVE endurance sports, leverage Cloud technology, create a service that is self-service, and form partnerships through the endurance community. This simple formula keeps our costs low, makes us efficient, and keeps our heart in the right place… focused on running!

Our Guiding Principles

A few things we’ve learned along the way

Working Hard

You just get better if you put consistent work in. Maybe not overnight, but if you work hard consistently, after 8 years you can get pretty good.


True learners do not fear failure, they welcome it as a new lesson to build on tomorrow. Staying within what you know is not fulfilling, and does not build on the fact that the world is constantly changing. Taking advantage of those changes requires learning.


What motivation is there to working hard if it is not also fun? And laughing at ourselves is a requirement so we do not take ourselves too seriously or become ego-centric.


Sharing in the working, learning and fun is so much better with a team than by yourself. And if you harness the combined and diverse talents of a team, including customers, you can do things that no individual can.