In The Zone, everyBODY has a place in the game - and every roadblock has a solution! 

No more “one size fits all” group fitness classes! We believe you CAN get personalized training experience in a group setting. We accomplish this through a unique technology that helps us discover YOUR Zone - that sweet spot where you’ll get maximum results in a ridiculously supportive group setting. Our app and your trainers push you through customized PROGRESSIVE phases, just like a personal trainer would!

We also know that life travel, sick kids, bad roads.... so your workouts will also be streamed LIVE in the comfort of your own home if you can’t get to the studio. (Yes! Your trainer can see you and YOU can see the class...LIVE so you’ll still get the coaching you would as if you were there!) Still, have to miss? No worries! Your class will be recorded so you can take it at a time that works for you. 

It goes without saying that nutrition is a major player in the fitness journey. Your personalized app will not only track your workouts, but your food, too. You’ll know what to eat and when for the best results. 


A clear path for every roadblock - a place for everyBODY. Get in The Zone!