Cycle of Hope

Fri October 1 - Sun November 7, 2021

Are you thinking about riding Cycle of Hope as a Virtual Cyclist, but wondering what that means? Or, maybe you’ve already taken the plunge and signed yourself up as a Virtual Cyclist, but now you want to know exactly what you’re in for! Well, look no further, because here is your primer for the Virtual Cyclist experience. 


What’s the difference between the Virtual Cyclist and the Virtual DIY option?

The Virtual Cyclist option is for people who want to cycle an official distance in a single ride, anywhere and anytime during the ride window. As a Virtual Cyclist, you can have your ride and distance tracked and submit your results in a snap, not to mention a host of other features.

The Virtual DIY is for you if you want the ultimate in flexibility. You can set your own distance goal, and meet it however you like – whether it’s on a bike, a stationary trainer, on foot, by kayak, you name it! You could work toward your goal distance across multiple sessions, or even through multiple methods! You’ve just got to meet that goal during the ride window of October 1st - November 7th, and submit your results manually. Keep scrolling for more information and how to sign up!

What is the Virtual Cyclist option?

The Virtual Cyclist option is for you if you want to cycle one of the official Cycle of Hope distances (10-, 37-, 66-, or 100-miles) in one ride, but you want to do it on your own time, from a location of your choice. 

Well, the Virtual Cyclist option lets you do a ride at one of those distances, any time you choose during the ride window of October 1st - November 7th. You can ride anywhere you like – or, you can even ride one of the official courses that start and finish in Palo Alto – and do it on your own time. Whenever you complete your ride during the ride window, you can upload your results without batting an eyelash (more on that below!).

Is your little one doing the Virtual Kids’ Course? Well, the distance and course are completely up to you and your kiddo! Just blaze your own trail during the ride window of October 1st - November 7th. 

What is RaceJoy, and How do I use it?

So, all those fab features like tracking and results? All those are in the palm of your hand – or wherever you keep your smartphone – because of RaceJoy. Fully integrated with our registration system, RaceJoy is an easy-to-use app that tracks your ride progress, lets you upload your results simply, offers audio cues that give you key ride information, and even gives your friends a chance to keep tabs on you and cheer you on from afar! And, if you’re riding one of the official in-person courses, you can even get turn-by-turn directions to keep you on course.

Let’s get you prepped for your ride:

  1. Download RaceJoy: Download the RaceJoy app to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play. It's free!
  2. Search for your route: Go to Featured Races to locate Cycle of Hope, and click on your route. If you’re riding one of the official Palo Alto courses, select the one for the distance you’ve registered for. Otherwise, select an “anywhere” route at the distance you’ve signed up for.
  3. Set Up: Follow the prompts carefully to get properly set up for the ride. The app will ask you for your bib number, which you can find here. Make sure you give the app permission to track you so that the GPS can monitor your progress and provide audio cues!
  4. Ride: Keep your smartphone with you during the ride, and click START MY RACE immediately before you begin cycling!
    * Note! If you’re doing an “anywhere” route, you can use RaceJoy right alongside a routing app of your choice! So, if you’ve charted a course in an app like Strava, just fire up both apps on ride day. By using both, you’ll get directional cues from your routing app, along with all the features offered by RaceJoy.
  5.  Submit your results: As a Virtual Cyclist using RaceJoy, there’s no mystery here! When you complete your distance, your results will be automatically uploaded. It’s as simple as that!

Click here for a RaceJoy User Tutorial:

The following virtual participants cannot use Racejoy:

  • You’re riding the Virtual Kids’ Course! The Kids’ Course is a fully customized experience, and you can let us know your little one completed their ride by submitting results manually during the ride window of October 1st - November 7th. Do that here.
  • You’re a Virtual DIY-er! Our Virtual DIY athletes have full creative freedom when it comes to route planning, distances, and ways to achieve their goals. Just let us know you’ve hit your goal by submitting your results during the ride period of October 1st - November 7th. 

What is the Virtual DIY-er option?

This is our most flexible option! As a Virtual DIY-er, you’ll participate when you like, any time between October 1st - November 7th.

You can curate your own course at any distance you choose – whether you complete it on your bike, on foot, on an at-home trainer, or in your own creative way! You can even work toward your distance goal in multiple sessions. A Virtual DIY-ers' registration includes:

  • An invite to the in-person Finish Line Celebration on November 6th or a link to the live-stream of the event!
  • Event T-shirt
  • Finisher Medal
  • Rider Packet with goodies from our sponsors
  • Packet Mailing

How do I complete the Virtual DIY option?

Glad you asked!

Still have questions?

That’s what we’re here for. Check out the Cycle of Hope FAQ, or reach out to Hilda, our Event Coordinator, at 

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