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Welcome to the fourth annual Lime Connect Century Ride!  

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, several hundred passionate riders and supporters of the Lime Connect cause will ride up to 100 miles through Northern Virginia’s suburban streets, scenic backroads, and along the mellow W&OD rail trail.  We at Lime Connect are super excited for ride weekend and we hope you are too!

This ride benefits Lime Connect, a not for profit 501 (c)(3), who is rebranding disability through achievement.  Lime Connect helps attract, prepare, and connect university students and professionals, including veterans, who happen to have all types of disabilities, for scholarships, internships, The Lime Connect Fellowship Program, and full-time careers with their corporate partners.   Proceeds from this event directly support The Lime Connect Pathways Scholarship for high school seniors with disabilities, and ongoing development of Lime Network members. 

THANK YOU for participating in the ride and supporting this worthy cause!

Below are ride weekend details.    

Schedule of Events for ride weekend:

Thursday 10/7/21 and Friday 10/8/21 (CHECK-IN)
•    4pm-7pm – Check-In / Packet Pickup (optional) @ The Bike Lane in Reston, VA

Saturday 10/9/21 (RIDE DAY)
•    6:45am-9:45am – Check-In / Packet Pickup (if you did not check-in on Thurs/Fri) @ The Bike Lane in Reston, VA
•    7:15am-8am – 100 Mile Starting Window
•    8am-8:30am – 100K Starting Window
•    10am-11am – 30 Mile Starting Window
•    11am – 10 Mile Start
•    12:15pm – Riders start arriving at finish
•    12:15pm-6pm – Food / Beverage, Massage, Sponsors, Music, and Giveaways

Tuesday 10/12/21 (AWARDS)
•    5:30pm-6pm – Virtual Awards Presentation

Accommodations:  Blocks of rooms at have been reserved for Friday, 10/8 and Saturday, 10/9 at both the Hyatt Regency Reston and the Westin Reston Heights.  Rooms are limited so book early.  Book by Oct 1, 2021 to benefit from their attractive special rates.  

The Hyatt Regency, located in the Reston Town Center at 1800 Presidents St, Reston, VA 20190, is 1.7 miles from the ride staging area.  They are offering a rate of $119/night and breakfast is reduced to $10/person.  Note – parking at the Hyatt is in a garage and surface parking is NOT available.  Book online using this link to receive their special rate (link coming soon).   

The Westin Reston Heights, located at 11750 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 2019, is 1.5 miles from the ride staging area.  They are offering a rate of $109/night, which includes complimentary breakfast for one.  Surface parking is available at this hotel.  Book online using this link to receive their special rate (link coming soon).   

Staging Area:  The staging area is in the parking lot of The Bike Lane (11150 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA 20190).  The staging area serves as the hub of most non-riding activity.  The W&OD is adjacent to the staging area and all routes start and finish from the staging area.    

Parking:  Free parking will be available across the street from The Bike Lane at 11111 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA 20190.  If you are checking in on Thurs or Fri , you can park at The Bike Lane.  Please DO NOT park at The Bike Lane on the day of the ride.  

Porta-johns/Restrooms:  Porta-johns or restrooms will be available at the staging area and at all aid stations.    

Check-In and Packet Pickup:  Check-in will be open from 4pm-7pm on Thurs 10/7 and Fri 10/8 at The Bike Lane in Reston, VA.  On ride day, 10/8/21, check-in will open at 6:45am and take place under a tent in the staging area.  At check-in, you will receive your t-shirt and ride packet.  Ride packets include bike number/twist ties, bib number/safety pins, route map, cue sheets, and tips on riding safety.  We recommend showing up at least 30 minutes before your start window as it takes time to park, check-in, use the restroom, and warm up.  You must check-in at least 15 minutes before the close of your starting window.  See Start Times in the Schedule of Events.

Bike Safety Zone / Route Marking Samples:  After or before checking in, take a stroll through the Bike Safety Zone for tips on safe road riding.  This area will also have samples of all route marking signage that will be used on this ride.

Bike Racks:  Bike racks will be available in a fenced and secure location within the staging area.  This area will be monitored for security and a check system will be used.   

Bag/Key Check:  Bag/key check will be available in the staging area.  No need to go back to your vehicle after checking in, just drop your small bag or ride tee and retrieve after your ride.  This area will be monitored for security and a check system will be used.  Please do not check valuables. 

Pre-Ride and On Route Photos:  The pros from Bruce Buckley Photography are going to set up their photo booth, lighting equipment and all, in the staging area.  Before getting all hot and sweaty, take your individual and/or group shot in front of the huge ride banner.  These shots always turn out awesome so it’s worth the extra few minutes to get your photo taken.  Their talented photogs will also be out on the route taking amazing photos of you on your bike.  All photos will be available for FREE download the week after the event.  

Weather / Rain or Shine:  Early October weather in Northern Virginia generally ranges from a cool 50s in the morning to a comfortable 65-70 degrees in the afternoon.  With this said, it could be colder, warmer, or wetter than we would like.  So, please check the forecast the day before the ride and come prepared with appropriate gear.  This ride will take place rain or shine.  

Layer Drop at Ashburn Aid:  A ‘Layer Drop’ will be provided at the Ashburn Aid Station, which is 21 miles from the start of the 100M and 100K and 11 miles for the 30M.  Drop any layers at this aid station and we will transport to the finish for your retrieval at the end of the ride.  

Daylight:  Sunrise in Reston, VA on October 9, 2021 is at 7:12am and sunset is at 6:40pm.  This is 11 hours and 28 minutes of daylight and about a half hour of twilight before sunrise and after sunset.  Our start and finish times and cut-off times have been selected to ensure riders are not riding in the dark.   

Safety Lights and Bright Clothing:  While not required, using safety lights and wearing bright colored clothing will make you more visible on the roads.

Start Times:  All 100-mile riders must start between 7:15am-8am, 100K riders must start between 8am-8:30am, 30-mile riders must start between 10am-11am, and 10-mile riders must start at 11am.  

Open Road Ride / Route Flow and Rules:  The Lime Connect Century Ride is an open-road ride.  Police and route marshals will monitor some of the intersections along the route but the roads along the route will remain open to vehicular traffic.  Riders must abide by local traffic laws.  Bicycle helmets are required and remember to buckle your helmet.  See road biking safety tips in your ride packet and check out the Bike Safety Zone near check-in.

100 Mile RouteDescription, Map, Cue Sheets, and Elevation Profile 
100K RouteDescription, Map, Cue Sheets, and Elevation Profile 
30 Mile RouteDescription, Map, Cue Sheets, and Elevation Profile 
10 Mile Route Description, Map, Cue Sheets, and Elevation Profile 

Following the Routes / Route Marking:  There are several ways that riders will be able to follow the route (100M, 100K, 30M, or 10M) but the most popular way will be to follow the route markings.  We are using 18”x24” coroplast signs and most of the signage have a white background, the ride logo, and green arrows/text.  At all turns on the course, riders will see a turn arrow about 25-50 meters before the turn, a turn arrow at the turn, and a straight arrow after the turn.  When crossing major intersections, straight arrows will be positioned on the other side of the intersection.  It is not practical or needed to mark every single side street that comes into the course.  So, if you do not see an arrow, then just continue going straight.  AGAIN, ALL TURNS WILL BE MARKED.  

In addition to arrow signage, we will have yellow ‘Caution – Bike Event Ahead’ signs to alert vehicle traffic that our event is taking place.  Other white background and green text signs we will use include:  Aid Station Ahead, 100M/100K Split Ahead, Single File Please, 30M Turn Around Ahead, 30M Turn Around, 10M Turn Around Ahead, and 10M Turn Around.  A sample of all signage will be on display at the check-in area.    

Following the Route / Route Marshals:  Police and volunteer route marshals will monitor several busy and/or tricky intersections throughout the route. 

Following the Route / Maps and Cue Sheets:  Route maps and cue sheets, with written turn-by-turn directions, will be included in your ride packet.  

Following the Route / Ride with GPS:  Download the ridewithgps app, download the route from our website, and follow the audible cues from your phone.  Viewing the route on the app is free but if you want to navigate with the app, you will be required to pay a small fee.  SAFETY TIP – VA law allows one earbud only to be used when riding your bike.  

Aid Stations:  Aid stations stocked with water, Gatorade, and sugary/salty snacks will be positioned every 15-21 miles along the route.  First aid kits, mechanical support from The Bike Lane and Beeline Mobile Bike Shop, and porta-johns/restroom facilities will be available at all aid stations.  The 100M riders will have 5 opportunities for aid, the 100K riders will have 3 opportunities for aid, and the 30M riders will have 2 opportunities for aid.     

SAG (Support and Gear):  Athletes will also be supported with SAG (Support and Gear) vehicles along the route.  SAG vehicles will have a bike pump, basic first aid kit, and the ability to transport a rider and bike should the need arise.  SAGs will sweep the route and, if needed, transport athletes that miss cut-off times.  Additionally, SAG teams will travel on bike along the W&OD.  SAGs will keep an eye out for riders in need of assistance (bike and bib numbers MUST be visible).  If you need SAG assistance, call the number on the back of your bib or bike number and a SAG will be dispatched to your location.    

Cut-Off Times:  Cut-off times will be used to ensure all riders have finished by 5:30pm and are not flirting with riding in the dark.  All 100-mile riders must start between 7:15am-8am and it will have at least 9 ½ hours to finish their ride, which is a minimum average speed of 11 MPH.  Cut-off times will likely not affect 10M, 30M, and 100K riders.  Cut-off times will be enforced at each aid station.  Those missing cut-off times will skip a section and/or will be transported by SAG to the next aid station or back to the finish.  If you stop along the route and return after the 11 MPH minimum average speed (ie behind our sweep), you may find that the route has already been demarked and the aid stations have been closed.  Please do not do this.  If you choose to leave the route, please call our ride POC so we know.  

Hamilton Aid Station (1st stop) @ 36.7 miles on 100M and 100K - cut-off 12pm.
Lovettsville Aid Station @ 55.6 miles on 100M - cut-off 1pm.   
Hamilton Aid Station (2nd stop) @ 73.7 miles on 100M - cut-off 2:30pm.
Ashburn Aid Station (2nd stop) @ 92 miles on 100M and 55 miles on 100K - cut-off 4:30pm.  

Bike Numbers / Bib Numbers and Emergencies:  Each rider will be provided a small bike number that should be affixed with twist ties to the handlebars of your bike and a bib number that should be attached with safety pins to the back of your jersey or on the back of your hydration pack, should you use one.  These numbers are important so the photographers, SAG vehicles, aid stations, and roving medical can identify you as a rider.  The ride POC phone number will be on the back of both these numbers.  Should you need non-emergency medical assistance or mechanical assistance while on the course, please call the ride POC number and we will activate the appropriate response.  In case of medical emergency, call 911 first and then call the ride POC number.  

Finish Aid:  Water, Gatorade, and snacks will be available at the finish area.  

Food from Coyote Grille:  Coyote Grille of Fairfax, VA, will be serving up yummy post-ride Tex-Mex.  Food is FREE to all riders and volunteers - stop by the ticket table for your meal ticket.  Spectators may purchase directly from Coyote Grille.

Post-Ride Beer from Bike Lane Brewery:  Post-ride beer from Bike Lane Brewery will be available to participants and spectators over 21 years of age.  We will use a ticket system.  Each registered rider 21+ may receive one complimentary beer ticket.  After the ride, show your ID and pick up your drink ticket at the ticket table.

Post-Ride Showers:  There are two facilities close by where athletes can take post-ride showers.  Life Time Athletic, located at 1757 Business Center Drive, Reston, VA is right around the corner from the staging area and has a beautiful facility.  Their day rate is $35.  Or, for a day rate of $10-$15, the Reston Community Center indoor pool at Hunters Woods is only 2.6 miles away.  Their address is 2310 Colts Neck Rd, Reston, VA 20191.

Post-Ride Massage from Select Physical Therapy:  Stop by the massage tent after the event to take advantage of free massage services provided by Select Physical Therapy.

Recovery/Medical:  First aid supplies and services will be available at our recovery tent in the staging area.  We will also have medical support on the route.  

Giveaways:  All riders are eligible to win one of our awesome giveaways.  Giveaways include Garmin GPS watches, hydration packs/bottles, bike gear, ride swag, and gift certificates to The Bike Lane.  Winners of the giveaways will be randomly selected throughout the monthlong virtual ride experience leading up to the ride and at the post-ride virtual awards ceremony.  Emails will be sent each week announcing new winners.       

Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, October 12th from 5:30pm-6pm:  Plan on attending the virtual awards ceremony to hear from some inspiring speakers talk about how Lime Connect is rebranding disability through achievement, see who will win the coveted Lime Connect Awards (awarded to both the top fundraising individual and the top fundraising team), and see who won the last round of giveaways.  

Sponsors:  The generous financial and in-kind support from our sponsors is crucial to the current and future sustainability of this event and to helping further the Lime Connect cause.  Please show your love and support our sponsors in any way you can.  We will announce our 2021 soon.  Our sponsors in the past have included:  Bloomberg, Google, The Bike Lane, The Meridian Group / The Boro, NEA, Unilever, and Select Physical Therapy.    

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for supporting the ride and the Lime Connect cause. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call (212) 521-4469.  

The Lime Connect Century Team

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