An Integrated System for ALL Your Users

For Participants

A mobile-friendly, reliable process that integrates registration and donations options. Participants can store credit cards for faster checkout and access flexible participant management options.

For Donors

Donations can be made during or independent of registration, with low processing fees, and customizable donor levels and wording. Automated custom donor receipts and reporting for on and offline donations keeps simple donations simple.

For Fundraisers

Automatic fundraising pages for teams and individuals, with free emailing, milestone badges, and social tools to help engage and motivate them.

Fundraising Details

Donation Basics +

  • Low Processing fee: Donations to charities can get a simple, low processing fee of 4%. Absorb the fee or have donors pay it; alternatively, you can default to absorbing the fee but add an option (with custom text) encouraging the donor to pay it instead.
  • Donate Anytime: Allow participants (and supporters) to donate during and outside registration.
  • Platform Choice: Already have a fundraising platform and don't want to move? Take advantage of integrations with CrowdRise and FirstGiving.
  • Custom Display Options: Set unique wording for your Donation & Fundraising pages and choose the layout of your charity and donation information.
  • Donation Levels: Set as many levels (dollar amounts) for donations as you want, and name them creatively for your event. Donors can always opt to enter their own total, but giving them a range of options (and a real world application for the dollars) can inspire them to donate more!
  • Goal Thermometer: Add a goal thermometer to display your progress towards your overall donation goal!
  • Donor List Options: Opt to show a scrolling list of all donations, or your top donors.
  • Simple Donation Checkbox: Want to keep your registration path smooth and simple? Collect donations via a simple, single-option "donate $X" checkbox on the checkout page.
  • Matching Gift Program: Use integrated HEP Data to allow for finding employers with a matching program.

Fundraisers & Fundraising +

  • Enable Individual Fundraisers: Allow people to become fundraisers for your cause(s). As Race Directors, you can elect to allow only registered participants to become fundraisers, or open up fundraising to any person (registered or not)
  • Create Fundraising Teams: Make fundraising social by enabling Fundraising Teams to work together towards a collective goal. You can make the creation of fundraising teams an option, or require all fundraisers to become part of a team.
  • Fundraising Pages: Automatically create fundraising pages to help your fundraisers reach their goals. These can be customized during registration, or for races that require fundraising, can be customized later to keep the registration process streamlined.
  • Forced Fundraising: If you require all participants in your race (or in a specific event), you can force them to become a fundraiser.
  • Fundraising Minimums and Waived Fees: Set a minimum fundraising requirement for registrants of an event, and determine whether reaching this minimum will waive their race fee.
  • Fundraiser Recognition: Motivate your fundraisers by setting milestone fundraising amounts, and reward them with visual recognition through stars and milestone badges to appear on their fundraising pages.
  • Fundraiser Refunds: Offer your fundraisers a refund for reaching a specific threshold on their fundraising page.
  • Fundraising Team Captains: Setup fundraiser questions specific to Fundraising team captains, and offer them a team roster report to help them manage their team.
  • Pledge Fundraising: Pledge fundraising is an option for events that have donors base their donation on the number of laps or miles completed, or pledge their donation based on the completion of the competition. Automatic or manual emails can be sent at the conclusion of the event as a reminder of the pledge and steps to fulfill it.

Charity Management +

  • Single or Multiple Charities: Raise money for as many charities as you want. Customize the view of each charity with a name, logo, URL and description; each charity can also have a specific confirmation email, and a default message for fundraising pages associated with that charity. Fundraising goals can also be specified by charity.
  • Direct Payment to Charities: Each charity can set up their own payment account, allowing donations to go directly to the charity and cutting out the need for your event to track and cut checks to each charity. Your reporting will show payments made directly to the charity.
  • Charity Management: In addition to setting up a payment account, a charity can view a summary of donations & payments, control access to their charity, input offline donations (if allowed by the race), and view the fundraisers for their charity.

Communication +

  • Automated Emails: Depending on the options you have enabled, there are a number of automatic emails that can go out, including a donation confirmation, fundraiser creation, fundraiser donation (to the fundraiser), fundraiser minimum reminder email, and more. All are customizable by the race director.
  • Fundraiser Emails: It's not just race directors who can access the email system: Fundraisers can also take advantage to make it easier to send branded, consistent communication. Fundraisers can easily access lists of donors and fundraisers (current and previous), as well as upload custom lists to reach out to. Races can add templates for donation requests, donation thank you's, and fundraising team recruitment tools.
  • Fundraiser Email Templates: Set up a default template for your fundraisers, highlighting the branding of your event and controlling the message that is sent to the public.

Reporting +

  • Donation Reports: View donation totals by number of donations, amount of donation, donation processing fees paid by race, and total amount of donations after processing fees. View and download reports with donor information, donor refunds, matching gifts, and more. Year-over-year reports help you track your status compared to previous years.
  • Charity Reports: See donation totals by charity, and view the amounts paid and owed to each.
  • Fundraiser Reports: Full reports on fundraisers including data on fundraisers, charities, captains, donations, fundraiser minimum status, and more.
  • Fundraiser Report Generator: This robust tool allows races to view top fundraiser reports, top team reports, and filter by team size or donation total.
  • Fundraiser Minimums Report and Action: Races with forced fundraising with minimum fundraising requirements can view who has sent their minimum requirement — and then act accordingly, directly from the report. Action options include email reminders, removing registrants, or invoicing registrants.
  • Pledge Reports: View fundraisers with pledges enabled (if allowed) and drill down into pledges with a summary report of the number and amount collected and pledged.

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What Our Customers Say:

“Since we added [donations] into our registrations with RunSignUp, we’ve had a surprising amount of people that have been able to increase the donations we get over all our races, significantly.”

- Shawn Duffey, Gulf Coast Runners