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We're actually pretty excited about this one. Because things are so wet and sloppy around Paris we are changing up the plan for Saturday's Hell of the North Texas. Our looped routes will now utilize the NETT (North East Texas Trail) segments between Roxton and Clarksville. Everything is still staging from the Eifel Tower in Paris so this is an excellent opportunity for everyone who is NETT curious to check out these segments. These sections of the NETT handle weather exceptionally well and mostly rail bed gravel but there are several miles of pavement as well.

There are stores along the way and we will be providing water tables as well. Snacks and drinks will be waiting on everyone at the end as well. This is the first of our 3 events in the May Gravel Series getting everyone ready for this year's gravel bucket list. All 3 are free for Club Spinistry members so it is a great time to join.