Pedaling 4 Paige

Sat March 20 - Sat March 27 Syracuse, NY 13214 US
Meet Our Instructors

Meet our wonderful instructors that will be leading one of the live sessions for Pedaling 4 Paige on Saturday, March 20 at Elevate Fitness! We are thrilled to partner with these 4 wonderful instructors who will help you get set up and provide encouragement throughout your entire ride! 

Lisa Dolbear - 9:00AM Session
Lisa has been teaching group fitness at Elevate since 2006, with multiple certifications. Additionally, she has participated in endurance running and triathlons for over 10 years, and is a three-time IRONMAN finisher. Her tenure in the fitness industry includes writing training and lifestyle articles for several publications, across a variety of media outlets. She thrives on watching people reach their potential and chase new limits. You can expect her workouts to be a blend of technical, professional guidance paired with unbridled enthusiasm for breaking a sweat and taking on new challenges.

Tonya Warner - 10:00AM Session
Group fitness and personal training are Tonya’s passions. Seeing class participants and clients achieve their goals is what drives her to stay current and fresh with awesome and inspiring workouts. Tonya is also the Director of Spinning Programs for Elevate Fitness and the Elevate Fitness coordinator for P4P.

April Bridges - 11:00AM Session
April has been teaching Group Fitness since 2007. Certified in Group Active, Group Blast, Group Core, Group Ride, and Spinning. It’s her passion, and she’d teach all day long if she were able. She enjoys the connection with participants, and more importantly when they share their goals and achievements with her. April’s goal is to bring every member back for more and to continue the journey together to overall success and fitness.

Diane Benedetto - Noon Session
Diane has been a cycling instructor at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse, NY for over 5 years. She was initially certified in the MOSSA RIDE program and then became certified in the SPINNING program. What does that mean to you? YOU GET AWESOMENESS IN AN INSTRUCTOR (did you feel her personality there??)!!

Diane became an instructor not only because she loves to ride, but because fitness journeys are important, starting with her own and then learning of others’…and each person’s is different, which is the beauty of learning about them! If Diane can help someone integrate routine exercise into their journey, her role is validated.

Exercise and fitness journeys are very mental, which is why Diane is committed to helping people understand more about themselves and how they can push themselves without injury! Music motivates her, so the right mix of music for cycling is important for an awesome experience. What does she like? Anything but country (ok, she is loosening that up a bit these days…)! Diane loves to sing along while she teaches, and she loves a great cadence… her specialty is climbing, and her classes lean heavily towards that…but there is always a sprinkle of sprints and flats in my classes!

Diane is honored to be an instructor for P4P and has been since its inception! Giving back to the community is important and if this is how she can help others fund raise for eradicating childhood cancers, then “her job is done”.

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