Wave 2 Starts September 1 - Registration Deadline Sunday Sept 13
Run and or Bike the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway in 3 months!
Get 1 shirt + 1 medal!

Skyline Drive Virtual Challenge

Run, bike, or both! 105 miles in 91 days (~1 mile/day).
Get 1 shirt + 1 medal!

Virginia Blue Ridge Parkway Virtual Challenge

Run, bike, or both! 217 miles in 91 days (~2.4 miles/day).
Get 1 shirt + 1 medal!

North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway Virtual Challenge

Run, bike, or both! 252 miles in 91 days (~2.8 miles/day).
Get 1 long sleeve shirt + 3 medals!

Blue Ridge Parkway Virtual Challenge

Run, bike, or both! 469 miles in 91 days (~5.2 miles/day).
Get 1 long sleeve hoodie + 5 medals!

Scenic Drive Virtual Challenge

Run, bike, or both! 574 miles in 91 days (~6.3 miles/day).

Wouldn't it be nice to go for an epic journey on a beautiful scenic road? Of course it would... and now you can, virtually! Run (or walk) and/or bike the distance of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, North Carolina, or both! You can even add on Skyline Drive if you wish. Log your miles from August 1 through October 30 (Wave 1) or September 1 through November 30 (Wave 2) and work your way through some of the most scenic views on the East Coast! Run (or walk) and/or bike anywhere you want- your neighborhood, local greenways, laps around your backyard, or even a treadmill.

All along the way, you'll get updates of where you are along the parkway complete with pictures to complete your virtual experience.

Upon completion of the Blue Ridge Parkway Virtual Challenge, all participants will receive a custom challenge shirt and one, three, or even FIVE medals!

Blue Ridge Racing is bringing you this challenge because we want to encourage you to have a goal through the fall. Plus, we're giving a portion of the proceeds from this event to Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway! FRIENDS works with members, volunteers, partners and a network of FRIENDS chapters to support the Blue Ridge Parkway and National Park Service (NPS). Members of FRIENDS financially support Parkway work and NPS programs, special projects, and events on the
Blue Ridge Parkway.

***Disclaimer: Do not run, walk or bike on unsafe or closed roads. Follow social distancing guidelines and any other requirements set forth by local, state and federal agencies. This is a virtual event only, not a mass gathering.***


Anywhere! This is a virtual event. Complete your miles in your neighborhood, indoors or out, on vacation or on your way to work. The only rules are to be safe and stay off roads or trails closed to bikes/pedestrians.

When you complete the North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway Virtual Challenge, the Virginia Blue Ridge Parkway Virtual Challenge, or the Skyline Drive Virtual Challenge, you will receive one medal. If you complete the Blue Ridge Parkway Challenge, you will receive three interlocking medals- the Virginia, North Carolina, and Blue Ridge Parkway medal. If you complete the Scenic Drive Challenge, you'll receive all five interlocking medals! Medals will ship with shirts, beginning the week of September 28 or when you finish the challenge- whichever is later.


We're working with Greenlayer Sports on custom shirts for these events. Participants in the Skyline Drive Challenge, North Carolina Challenge, and Virginia Challenge will all receive short sleeve shirts. Participants in the Blue Ridge Parkway Challenge (Virginia + North Carolina) will receive a long sleeve shirt. Participants in the Scenic Drive Challenge (Virginia + North Carolina + Skyline) will receive a long sleeve hoodie.  Shirts will ship with medals, beginning the week of September 28 or when you finish the challenge- whichever is later.

Logging your Miles

You will be logging your miles directly into the RunSignUp System.  You will get an email with instructions for you to upload directly.  If you do not get the email, you can follow the below instructions. You will not be able to enter data until your challenge start date.  If you are having any trouble, please contact: info@blueridgeracing.net

  1. Log into RunSignUP first. If you are not logged in, you will not be able to post results.  If you were already logged in and having trouble, try logging out of RunSignUP and then logging back in again.  If you forgot your password, you can have it reset. Here are directions on how to do that.
  2. Go to "LOG MY MILES" on the main page, search for your name and click Lookup Registration.
  3. This will bring you to your information.  You can then click on "Submit Virtual Results"
  4. You MUST enter the Date and Distance for your run, bike or walk. The comment box is optional and is for your reference only.  We will not be reviewing the info in that field.
  5. If you had multiple workouts that day, you can enter each new run/bike/walk by clicking "Add Another Activity" button. If you do 2 runs/bikes/walks in 1 day, you can add them together or separately, whichever you prefer. You can update your time and miles daily, every other day, once a week, or whatever you prefer.
  6. Do not forget to hit submit results when you are done!
What you get

By registering for the Blue Ridge Parkway Virtual Challenge Events, you'll get:

  • An awesome event shirt (shipped with your medal when you complete the challenge)
  • Custom event medal(s) (shipped with your shirt when you complete the challenge) (Number of medals depends on the event)
  • A customized virtual event bib (downloadable from your runner profile)
  • Live virtual tracking on the challenge map
  • Milestones updates as you pass prominent landmarks along your route
  • A customized virtual finisher's certificate (downloadable from your runner profile)
  • The satisfaction knowing you have run the length of your event and helped FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway along the way!
  • Sore legs!
Fundraising Rewards

When you choose to be a Fundraiser for FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway as part of your challenge experience, you'll get rewarded!

For raising $25 or more, you get this "FRIEND of the Blue Ridge Parkway" sticker:

For raising $50 or more, you get $5 off your entry fee!

For our top fundraisers, you get this awesome FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway camp mug:


Q: What miles count?

A: Miles that are earned while you are exercising- out for a run, walk or ride are what you should count. While we all know that a weekly grocery trip logs at least a half mile while you go from the produce section to the freezer section and then back to the produce section when you forget the lettuce, that doesn't count towards challenge miles. Please only log miles that are put forth in an exercise effort.

Q: How do I log my miles? 

A: We'll email you info on that when the challenge begins, but know that you can log miles from this website or by the link provided in your registration. We promise, it's easy!

Q: Do I have to be in Virginia or North Carolina to complete the event?

A: No! You can complete the event from anywhere in the world! Addresses outside the United States will incur an additional shipping fee.

Q: Can I run or bike on trails?

A: Yes! Running, walking, hiking or biking on any surface counts- road, trails, greenways, treadmills, trainers, hot coals (not recommended), or even a bed of nails (ouch!). Even a weekend hike with the family counts!

Q: What if I'm signed up for other virtual events?

A: If you're participating in a virtual race like a 5K or 10K, you can count those miles toward your challenge distance too! Running or biking another challenge event or race? Well, we'll leave the judgement up to you on that one!

Q: Can I complete the challenge with friends?

A: Yes! We would love for you to get your friends involved. However, each person must register individually. There are no relay teams in this event.

Q: I am a disabled athlete and use a handcycle or a push-rim wheelchair. Can I sign up?

A: Yes! We're excited to be able to include ALL athletes! When logging miles, both handcycle and push-rim wheelchair are options for activities. Handcycle is listed under the Bike division, and Push-rim is listed under the run division. If you use both options, sign up for the Run/bike division.

Q: When will I get my shirt and medal?

A: We'll be shipping shirts and medals together starting the week of October 1 for those that finish the challenge by that date. Remaining packages will be shipped as you finish. Remember the deadline to finish your miles is October 30 for wave 1 and November 30 for wave 2!

Q: I live outside of the U.S. Can I participate?

A: Yes! For international participants, please select the International Shipping Add-on for $20. This will pay for the additional shipping cost of your shirt and medal. If you do not select this option and live outside of the U.S., you will not receive the shirt and medal.

Q: Why am I not showing up in the results? I logged my miles.

A: There are a couple of possibilities. First, if you chose to remain anonymous in public lists when you set up your Runsignup profile, then you won't show up in the results. Here's a help article on how to change that: https://help.runsignup.com/support/solutions/articles/17000064490-hide-yourself-from-public-lists
Second, if you are in a run/bike division, you are required to log at least one run and one bike in order to show up in the results, since both activities are required. Once you log at least one of each activity, you should show up.

Challenge Contact Info

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