Broken Spoke Challenge

April, 23rd 2022 Ventura, CA 93003 US Directions
BS Challenge Details


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What are we?
Although not a race, the Broken Spoke Challenge (BS for short) is a Dirt/ Road cycling event that most closely resembles a gravel grinder/ adventure ride. Featuring some of the most scenic, never/ rarely ridden and dare we say beautiful (er painful) aspects of West Ventura County and is produced by Fast Green Racing. With a neutral roll out starting at the local favorite Madewest Brewery, this challenge boasts just under 80 miles of road/ mountain/ sandy (and perhaps muddy) fun with 7600+ feet of climbing.  There will be BS Zones out on route to further break your spirit....we mean increase the fun, where if you fail the challenge, more pain... er we mean a more "complete experience"  will ensue!! Don't miss out on the Broken Spoke Challenge!

What kind of bike should you ride? 
Not a road bike!

The perfect bike for Broken Spoke is rocket powered full suspension drop bar fat bike, upgraded with handle bar mirrors and streamers...Oh you don't have one of those? How do you know if your bike can be the best on road, gravel, sand, mud, 20+% grades, headwinds.... you can't. Just bring what you got! Hardtail 29'er, Gravel Bike, Fat bike, Single speed, Full suspension, 650b, etc...everyone will have an advantage, or disadvantage if you are a glass half empty person.....don't bring road bikes though, that would be dumb...oh and don't bring E-bikes either maybe in the future though....Nuff said.

With several parts of the course challenging your mental and physical fortitude, it is our goal for you to utter to yourself at least once....."This is BS!!!"


Route Profile and Aid Station Locations

Route Profile and Aid Station locations are approximate and also subject to change at anytime. You will receive your BS Info Packet a week before race day. It will contain the most up to date route and aid locations. 

Course Details

Official Course Route GPX file will be emailed to participants approximately a week before the event. We will however help you prepare for what we have instore the best we can. Please feel free to Email with any questions about what to expect out on route.

Starting off from MadeWest we will have a neutral roll out through the streets of Ventura. After a few miles through town we immediately open up to the first dirt section. The flag is dropped per se and the riders are off. Rough fire roads and steep gradients make up these next few miles. BS Challenge #1 approaches..... As you make your way back to the road, the next gravel section is 4 miles away tucked away in the heart of Ventura. 1st opportunity to fill up and refuel at the aid station, approximately at mile 17. More BS will ensue as you can only proceed after completing BS Challenge #2. On you go through more never before accessed gravel fire roads and single/double track. Take in the ocean views the HAB was worth it. As you drop down onto the road, the next few miles will lead you out of town. You'll start to approach Aid Station B as well as the 3rd BS Challenge. Fail the Challenge here and well.... you don't want to know... Just throw your bike off a cliff and call an uber...Just kidding. All the BS Challenges along the way are there to make this an unforgettable ride. This is the start of the longest climb of the day. Settle in for a 10 mile dirt climb that isn't so much steep, but long on the legs. Steep fast treacherous road descent is to follow, with two way traffic on what seems to be a one lane road. Be careful here, no splattered cyclists, use caution on descent. By now you have made it to Ojai. A small beautiful town just a 30 min drive from Ventura. Hold onto your butts because a rocky hike a bike awaits at approximately mile 56ish. You may utter to yourself "This is BS", and you'd be right. :) After tripping and stumbling through this short rocky section the trail opens to a wide open gravel fire road. As dirt turns back into road you'll continually wind through Ojai and drop into the last short dirt section of the day. You eventually pop back out to pristine oak tree covered roads and multi use bike paths as you work your way back to Ventura. About 10 miles from the finish line you'll hit the final Aid Station. From the finish line its approximately 4 miles back through town to MadeWest. It is rules of the road through town, with plenty of beach views to enjoy, so take your time.

Once you make your way back to MadeWest, your beer and finishers prize awaits. Come hangout, eat, and swap war stories with your newly found gravel family. OH WAIT!!! It's Covid still, once finished grab some grub and beer and get the hell out! We'd really love to hang out with everyone, but maybe next year. Stay safe and thanks for joining.

Packet Pickup 

Friday April 22nd 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday April 23rd 5:45am to 6:30 am
Madewest Brewery
1744 Donlon St
Ventura, CA US 93003



If you have any questions about this race, please contact the race director at

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