Clean Air Ride

Sat March 23, 2019 Inverness, FL US 34450 Directions


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Clean Air Ride

Proceeds from this ride go to the Key Training Center and Citrus Road Runners, both local charity organizations. 

All people with developmental disabilities should be afforded all human rights and enjoy legitimate opportunities to share equally in every aspect of community life and citizenship without discrimination.
To assist persons with developmental disabilities achieve their God-given potential through an array of individualized services that promote growth, choice, and independence with kindness, love, dignity and respect.
People with developmental disabilities benefit from a balanced blend of appropriate training, productive experiences and legitimate opportunities to succeed.  Key Training Center Vision"Choice" regarding life options is a basic human right for people with developmental disabilities.  The dignity and self-worth of people with developmental disabilities is a fundamental guiding principle for all Key Center programs and services.  People with developmental disabilities possess unique self-expression and creative abilities.  People with developmental disabilities are full-citizen partners and are entitled to all associated rights and benefits.
The Key Training Center offers a myriad of outstanding programs and services designed to foster individual self-worth and respect the personal dignity of each client through the human growth and development process. Based on individual needs, Key Center program participants may receive daily living and social skills, job training, life-sustaining care and residential services. Because of the limits of human potential cannot be judged, Key Center staff focus on each person's God-given potential and not on individual limitations.

Once admitted to the Key Training Center, an individual support plan is developed. The custom support plan includes input from the client, parents, staff members, and an independent support coordinator. A plan of care is outlined that reflects the clients’ goals and objectives. Daily progress is monitored and documented. The support plan is reviewed and modified annually, or more often if necessary, to address program participant’s needs.

Admission to the Key Training Center is made without regard to race, religion, ethnic origin or the ability to pay. The Key Training Center is a nonprofit organization.


Raised By 40 Donors

$100from Anonymous
$50on behalf of kathy prentice
$25on behalf of Anita jennings
$25on behalf of Brian Albritton
$25on behalf of Ronald Roecker
$20on behalf of Frank Rodriguez
$20on behalf of Jeanette McCue
$20on behalf of Marie Hoder
$20on behalf of Mary Oram
$20on behalf of Richard Flora
$20on behalf of Ron Hemmy
$20from Anonymous
$15on behalf of Keith Harpool
$15on behalf of Michael Redner
$15on behalf of Teresa Turner
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Anthony Bouton
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Cathy Lovett
$10on behalf of Charles Ewell
$10on behalf of Chris Brown
$10on behalf of Daniel Bourque
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Susan Weichel
$10from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of David Hamilton
$5on behalf of Michael Gibbs
$5on behalf of Michael Redner
$5on behalf of Renee Edwards
$5on behalf of Royce Scobey
$5on behalf of Sarah Jones
$5from Anonymous
$2on behalf of Donald Van Patten
$2from Anonymous
$1from Anonymous