Why Choose HSS?

You'll receive expert, specialized care that no other healthcare organization can offer
Every doctor, nurse and therapist at HSS is uniquely focused on treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions. This means that whether you need a hip replacement, treatment for lupus, or complex surgery for an injury, your care will come from an expert in the field. In addition, our surgical and nonsurgical specialists ensure the best care that is customized for each patient’s need.
When you choose HSS, you’re choosing:

The Official Hospital of the New York Giants, Mets, Knicks, Red Bulls, as well as the Brooklyn Nets, NYRR, USA Basketball and many more.
A hospital that saved 7-year-old Bridget’s arm from amputation and provided Jennifer with a life-saving lupus diagnosis.
A world leader in medical education – with over 22,000 professionals from 128 countries receiving online courses from HSS.
Learn more about why HSS has unparalleled patient outcomes and is the world leader in orthopedics and rheumatology below.