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  • What time does my race start?
    • The 5k starts at 8:00 pm, Friday, May 3rd.
    • The 10k starts at 08:00 am, Saturday, May 4th.
    • The 1k starts at 11:00 am, Saturday, May 4th.
    • The 13.1 & 26.2 mile start at 7:30 am, Sunday, May 5th.
  • Where are the start lines?
    • The 5k starts at the actual finish line.
    • The 1k starts just at the end of the finisher chute.
    • The 10k, 13.1 & 26.2 mile starts are located on Park Blvd., next to the finish line festival area.
  • Where are the restrooms located?
    • We will have portajohns located adjacent to the start lines of each race. All the restrooms in the park will also be open. 


  • Where is Packet Pick-up?
    • Packet pick-up & the EXPO are located at the Marathon finish line area. Use the simple address of Park Blvd., Westbury, NY 11590. This will get you into the center of the Park. You will see a tremendous amount of signage to guide you to the finish line area.
    • ATHLETES THAT PAID FOR VIP can get their packets on Sunday.
    • FULL DETAILS AND TIMES can be found at 
  • I can't make it to Packet Pick-up. Can a friend pick up my race number? 
    • Yes, but your friend will need a printout of your registration confirmation.
  • You said we need to know our BIB# to pick up our packet. Where do I find my BIB#?
  • Can I register at packet pick-up?
    • Yes, we will have registration and will accept CREDIT CARD ONLY. However, NO PERSONAL CHECKS will be accepted.
  • Can I change the event distance at packet pick-up?
    • Yes, just ask for assistance at the registration table, BEFORE PICKING UP YOUR BIB#. We will need to assign you a new BIB# that coincides with that race distance.
  • Can I defer my entry?
    • As per our refund policy you can, up until April 1st. There is a $35 fee. After April 1st there are no more deferrals.
  • Is there a shuttle bus from the LIRR train to the EXPO/Packet Pick-up?
    • Unfortunately, we are not able to provide this service. Please use a taxi, Uber, Lyft, or similar transportation.


  • Where can I find the course maps?
  • Is this Marathon a Boston Qualifier?
  • Are there cut-off times?
    • Yes, the Marathon will enforce a strict 15-minute mile minimum pace. If you have not passed 13 miles before the 3 hour and 2-minute mark (10:50 am), you will be turned to the finish line.
    • There are no cut-off times for the 1k, 5k, 10k or Half Marathon.
  • Are there pacers?
    • Yes, for the Half & Full Marathons.
  • What is the course elevation?
    •  Click on the course map links above and use the interactive maps. They have the elevation!
  • Your course maps show the wrong distance, don't you people know how long a Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10k etc. actually are?
    • Yes, the maps show 26.4, 13.4 & 6.4 miles. These maps are using Google Earth routes via various platforms. We can not manipulate the mileage that it shows without cutting out some of the course. Use the maps to identify and learn the route; that's all they are for. The measured distance by our USA Track and Field course measurer (Gary Westerfield) is accurate.
    • The marathon has an official distance of 42.195 kilometers (26.219 miles; 26 miles 385 yards).
    • The half marathon is 21.0975 km (13 mi 192½ yd)—half the distance of a marathon.
    • The 10k run is 10,000 meters or 6.2137 miles (or approximately 32,808.4 feet).
  • Are jogging strollers allowed?
    • Not in the 26.2 mile, 13.1 mile events.
    • YES, the 5k & 10k run welcomes jogging strollers. (Please note: there are no age group awards for athletes running with strollers).
  • What's on the course for Nutrition? How often are there water stops? Are there portajohns?
  • Are Camelbaks allowed?
    • NO, CAMELBAK's, as well as Backpacks, are not allowed on the course. They are viewed as a security risk, and if you use either, you will be removed from the course by the Police.


  • Can my family track me?
  • Are there Timing/split mats?
    • Yes, we will have timing mats every 5 miles.
  • How do I get my results and splits?
    • Race results are posted LIVE online at If you signed up for TEXT messaging, they will be sent to you soon after you cross the finish line. We also have a results kiosk at the finish line for printouts.
  • Is the race chip-timed or gun-timed?
    • All races are timed using timing chips. The start line for the 1k, 5k & 10k are on gun-time; the 13.1 mile and 26.2 mile start line use chip-timing.


  • Is there a bag check/drop for these events?
    • We will have a bag check ONLY for the events on Sunday.
  • Where and how do I drop my bag on Sunday?
  • Will the bags be secure?
    • Yes, very secure. All bags will be checked by the BOMB SQUAD. Please note, you will need your race BIB to claim your bag. Bag Claim will be in the EXPO tent...


  • I am doing the 5k on Friday. Where do I park?
    • There are no road closures or challenges for Friday's 5k. Please come and park in any lot inside Eisenhower Park, at ANY TIME before your event.
  • I am doing the 10k on Saturday and or 1k on Saturday. Where do I park?
    • ATTENTION SATURDAY ATHLETES:- PLEASE NOTE, there are no road closures or challenges OUTSIDE OF THE PARK. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION, PARK BLVD WILL CLOSE AT 7:30 AM AND REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL 9:30 AM on SATURDAY. DURING THE 10K RUN. Please arrive early. The best parking lots inside Eisenhower Park are Fields 6, 6a & 2. Please note all these lots are located inside the park off of Park Blvd.
  • Are the shuttle buses running on Saturday or Sunday?
    • No, there is no need for off-site parking on Saturday or Sunday. Therefore, there will be no shuttles on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Are there shuttle buses from the LIRR train station on Saturday or Sunday?
    • Unfortunately, we are not able to provide this service. Please use a taxi, Uber, Lyft or similar transportation.
  • Where can I park in Eisenhower Park on Marathon Sunday? 
    • The best parking lots inside Eisenhower Park are  Fields 6, 6a & 2. Please note, all these lots are located inside the park off of Park Blvd. which CLOSES at the Hempstead Turnpike entrance at 6 am. The Merrick Ave./Stewart Ave. entrance will close at 6:30 am.
      Full details at 
  • Where is OFF-SITE parking?
    • There is no official off-site parking
  • Can I get dropped off at the race site on race morning? If so, where?
    • The best place to be dropped off is at the corner of East Meadow Ave. & Hempstead Turnpike. Please use the lights to cross into the park.
  • Are there parking attendants? 
    • Yes, we will have parking attendants. Please be sure to lock your car. We are not responsible for valuables left in your car.
  • If I park inside Eisenhower Park on Sunday, when can I leave?
    • If you park in the lots on Park Blvd. (lot 6, 6A, 5, 3 or 2), you will be able to leave via Hempstead. after 10:30 am.
      If you park in the lots on Merrick Ave (lot 1 and 1A), you will not be able to leave until after 12noon.
  • Is there a shuttle service from the hotels? 
    • The race is not providing shuttles from the area hotels. We suggest checking with your hotel and seeing if they offer the service.


  • What roads are closed?
    • Arriving before 6 a.m. means you don't need to worry about road closures.
    • You can park in ANY lot in Eisenhower Park (except Field #5).
    • You will have ZERO STRESS race morning!
    • There will be NO lines for the PortoJohns!
    • You will be relaxed and stress-free before the race start. 


  • Can my family/friends see the start of the race?
    • YES, spectators have their own corrals in the middle of Park Blvd. that will allow you to watch the starts happening on both sides of Park Blvd.
  • If they watch the start, are the spectators stuck in the park all day?
    • They may not want to leave! We will have amazing bands, food trucks, and a sensational post-race festival and finish line area this year.
    • If you park in the lots on Park Blvd. (lot 6, 6A, 5, 3 or 2), you will be able to leave via Hempstead turnpike. after 8:30 am.
    • If you park in the lots on Merrick Ave. (lot 1 and 1A), you will not be able to leave until after 12:30 pm.
  • Can my spectators bring pets?
    • Only service animals are allowed.
  • Can my kids/family/friends run down the finish line with me?
    • As much as we love this, the answer is NO. The finish line is a SECURE AREA.
  • Can my spectators get into the park after the race starts?
    • Yes, the Stewart Ave. entrance will open to traffic around 8:30 - 9:00 am.


  • How much does the digital athlete photo package cost?
    • all photos are FREE
  • Ok, how do I get my AWESOME FREE photos?
    • Over 50,000 photos will be taken. They need to be sorted and tagged with bib#'s. They will be available to download by the Wednesday after the race right here on RunSignUp with your results
    • We will also have candid shots, and these photos will be published on our Facebook and social media pages. 
    • Be sure that your bib# shows in the photo by placing your bib on your front torso or chest. This way you can easily find your photos with a simple name or bib# search, right here on RunSignUp under the photo's menu tab above!


  • My shirt doesn't fit, can I change sizes?
    • You can exchanges sizes of unworn shirts after your event/race is complete, ONLY at the RACE-SITE, and only if we have extra shirts!
  • I decided not to race, can I get my shirt?
    • Yes, but only if you come to the EXPO and pick up your race packet. We will not mail shirts post-race if you are not in the Virtual Race.
  • Will I get a finisher medal?
    • Yes, all athletes in all events will receive a finisher medal at the finish line.
  • Who gets an award?
    • For the 5k, 10k, 13.1 & 26.2-mile events, The Top Three Males and Females OVERALL.
    • For individual Age Groups, The Top Three Males & Females in each Age Group :13-15 (Junior), 16-18 (High School), 19-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+
    • Clydesdale & Athena: The Top Three in each category.
    • For Wheelchair: The Top Three Males & Females.
      • Hand-cycle participants are not included in the "Wheelchair Division" rankings.  At this time, awards are not given to hand-cycle participants.ed in the "Wheelchair Division" rankings.  At this time, awards are not given to hand-cycle participants.
    • There are no awards or timing for the JUST FOR FUN 1k Run. This kids race is all about having fun and participating. All will receive a race number, t-shirt and finishers medal.


  • Is the race still happening with the DELTA variant?
    • YES, the race is ON. This is an outdoor event, we will follow all guidelines issued by NYS Health Dept & Nassau County Health Dept.
  • Can I get a refund for my entry?
    • As per our policy that is agreed to during online registration there are No Refunds & No Transfers. See the full details of the refund policy by CLICKING HERE
  • What if you postpone the race?
    • As per our refund policy, if the LIVE Race doesn't happen all athletes will be transferred to the virtual race.
    • Apart from the fact that you agreed to the No Refund policy, we would like to share with you more details. The biggest misconception that we face when postponing our event is that "you have no costs as you have not to produce the race." That, of course, couldn't be further from the truth. Most of our expenses are paid between three to six months out. In our case, that is March 2021. This is what you have to do in order to produce a large Marathon event, it is particularly true for a Sept race, as medals, t-shirts, finisher towels, swag bags, and much much more have to contend with shipping delays.
    • In the case of the Jovia Long Island Marathon, we had paid out every expense with the exception of port-o-johns and race-day food, water, and our remaining balance on our timing contract. We essentially had spent more on all of the medals, t-shirts, awards, etc than we had taken thus far in total registration revenue.
  • What if I just file a CHARGEBACK?
    • Chargebacks are the industry term for when you file a disputed charge with your credit card company. Once you file a chargeback, in about a week it (plus a 7.5% service charge) are taken from our merchant account. Thankfully, in the case of our registration partner, RunSignUp, they will automatically fight this chargeback for us. But it's a manual process; an individual at RSU has to pull up the transaction information, as well as our stated refund policy, in order to be able to fight the charge for us.
    • The big question on chargebacks is whether you received the services that you paid for. This was one of the major considerations for us deciding to put on a virtual race. With the Virtual Option, we still are holding an event, and your swag and gear will be mailed out to you. To be honest, it's a logistical and mailing nightmare to pull off but this is what we have to do!
    • At the end of the day, the vast majority of race directors out there are dealing with the same logistical nightmares. A little kindness and grace goes a long way. Most runners have been great (that's the benefit of goodwill we've generated over the years).
    • All athletes that deferred to May 2025 will receive instruction in late 2024 on how to activate their registration.

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