Six Pillars Century

Sat May 1, 2021 Cambridge, MD 21613 US Directions
2021 Athlete Guide



Welcome to the 2021 Six Pillars Century Bike Ride. We are excited to be able to bring you an IN PERSON event this year, and hope that we are all able to enjoy the day, even if things are still a bit different with COVID-19 still in our communities.

First of all, if you were a 2020 registered rider, and have not completed the registration/deferral process for this year, please reach out to us at to complete that process. We want to make sure that we are able to do right by you with a 2021 registration.

Pre-Ride Weekend

Each registered rider will receive an email on Thursday, April 29th, 2021, at around 8:00 am, with a  simple CDC survey to complete for COVID symptoms. Each rider MUST complete this survey and, should you answer yes and are not feeling well that weekend, please reach out to us and we will certainly defer you to the 2022 event, at no additional cost.

If you do not complete the survey, you will need to in order to pick up your packet with your bib, shirt, and any other swag.

Covid Mitigation Strategies

We are posting, right on our website, the COVID Mitigation Plan approved by the Dorchester County Health Department. Of particular interest to you are:

·        Masks when NOT riding are MANDATORY

·        COVID Symptoms Survey (described above) for participants

·        Self serve aid stations (described below)

·        Hand sanitizer at all aid stations

·        Pre-packaged foods and water at aid stations

·        No mass gathering after (though we ARE working on getting to-go lunches for you… just waiting on final approval on them)

·        Show and go start with Century encouraged at 7am, 56 Mile at 8am and 37 at 9am.

·        Free deferrals for anyone who is not feeling well on race morning



Packet Pickup (this will be where you pick up your jersey too, if you ordered one)

Weather permitting, we will have a packet pickup on Friday, April 30th, 2021, from 5pm to 8pm, at Gerry Boyle Park at Great Marsh. The address for this park can be found by searching for 1 Somerset Avenue, Cambridge, MD 21613. This is also the official start and finish point for the ride. If you are able to go to FIND A PARTICIPANT on the website ( or we will send everyone an email with their bib number, that will make the whole process a LOT faster!

On the morning of the ride, we will be at Gerry Boyle Park at Great Marsh, and ready to disperse packets, by 6am. Please understand that there is a process to the bags and we need to get them out and sorted, so please be sure to not ask until 6am. Sunrise is shortly after that, for all you early risers.

WHEN YOU COME TO PACKET PICKUP, YOU MUST WEAR A MASK! If you do not have a mask, just signal to us and we will get you a mask. No mask, no packet.

You will be directed to the area where your packet can be found.

Ride Morning

RULES OF THE ROAD- 1) All riders must wear a helmet!!

                                        2) All riders must follow all vehicle traffic laws (in MD, you ARE a vehicle)

                                        3) When possible, stay to the shoulder

                                        4) Have fun! But be aware! This is an open course with vehicle traffic. 

PARKING On the morning of the ride, parking can be found on the local streets near Gerry Boyle Park. We have included a map on the website, under the PARKING tab.

Suggested Start Times

·        Century (100 Mile)     7am

·        56 Mile                         8 am

·        37 Mile                         9 am


The official Century start time is 7am. We ask that the Century riders start earlier than all others because there is an 8 hour limit on the ride. This means that after 8 hours, the course will be swept and aid stations will be broken down, based on that time frame.

We have based all of our aid station times, based on the above listed times. If you happen to leave BEFORE your time (for some of you early risers), we cannot guarantee that the aid stations will be up and stocked for you.

STARTING THE DAY - We suggest that you bring full Water Bottles, Gatorade drink and some snacks. Everything that we will be having will be sealed at the aid stations. THERE ARE ON BOTTLE FILLS AT GERRY BOYLE PARK. Start with a full bike.

We would LOVE to see everyone come down to Gerry Boyle Park to start with us, but sometimes show-and-go rides start from wherever you are, and we understand that. Please ride down and see us, at some point, and let us know you are there, and that you are back. We will have drivers out on course, in case you need help, and will send out a SAG phone number later, in case you need help.


We are going to limit paper maps from our side, so please, if you want a paper cue sheet, print out and bring a cue sheet with you from the RideWithGPS site. Links are in each course.

All of the courses are listed on RideWithGPS and have been linked on the website ( . All of the courses have ALSO been tape arrowed already with Green designating the 100 mile route, Orange designating the 56 mile ride and Pink designating the 37 ride.  

As a course diverges from the others, there will be an arrow showing the diversion, and the route. So the left turn on to Key Wallace from Route 16 that ONLY the 37 mile riders take, has a 37 with the Left Turn arrow.



If you download the RideWithGPS app, we have verified that it is accurate, and will get you where you need to go. You can also find the courses on the TCR Event Management app, under the 6 Pillars Century page. This app is available on Google and Apple, but the RideWithGPS will give you turn by turn instructions (Thank you Reston Bike Club for programming all of that!)

THERE IS A CHANGE FROM THE HISTORICAL COURSE ON THE CENTURY. The Bestpitch Ferry Bridge is gone, so we had to make some tweaks. PLEASE follow the Yellow Course arrows. The course map on the website will be updated on APRIL 19, and will have the most up to date course. This will make your first aid station a little long (about mile 25) so please prepare accordingly.



There are multiple aid stations on course, and each is designated on the RideWithGPS map. Each course will have a different number of aid stations on it, with the Century having the most (5, though you hit one of them twice) and the 37 mile only reaching 2 aid stations.

Each aid station, this year, will be a self serve aid station. Minimal volunteers will be on site to reduce any exposure to non-riders. At each aid station will be:

·        Bottled Water

·        Bottled Gatorade

·        Prepacked snacks

o   Crackers

o   Granola

o   Trail Mix

o   Chips/Pretzels

o   Gu Gels

o   Clif Bar Minis

When you arrive at the aid station, please be sure to put your mask on. If you do not have a mask, there will be disposable masks there, for you to use. Each aid station will have TWO port-o-johns at them, and hand sanitizer.

There will also be minor first aid kits at the aid stations, as well as bike tire pumps, should you need to “top off”.

Please be kind and courteous to our volunteers.


After the ride be sure to stop by Gerry Boyle Park at Great Marsh and let us know how it went! Though we won’t be having a big celebration afterwards (we promise- Beer and Hot Food in 2022, as long as we are allowed!) we will have some to-go options for you, and want to hear from you about the ride!

Depending on when you get done, there are LOTS of food options right in the downtown area, and many new ones have popped up since we last held the ride in 2019. Be sure to check them all out at

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